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First steps

See how to get started with WP-VideoScroll

In the following video we show you in 5 minutes how to use our plugin and create stunning special effects for your site. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our friendly support team.

Play Video

First you need to upload a video. Then you open the tab “Project Table”. From this table you copy the appropriate shortcode and paste it on your Website. By default, an element is displayed in the editor as an elongated blue rectangle. In the preview the video will be displayed inside this rectangle. The height and therefore the speed with which the video is being scrolled can be adjusted as desired, simply change the number inside the shortcode. If you wish to see the Videoscroll-effect directly while editing, go to the “Settings” tab and activate this option.

We can proudly say that this plugin does not effect your SEO-ranking or the time needed to build up your website. This is achieved by lazy-loading your video only after your page is already built up.

Sure! This plugin is designed to work well with reponsive designs. If the element is set to “hidden” in your editor then no videos will be loaded or animated.

Make sure to activate the “smooth-scroll” option! This gives the scrollbar inertia, which means that the scroll effect works more continuously. If this does’nt solve your problem you should upload a video with a lower resolution. As a rule of thumb we recommend not to use videos with a resolution higher than 1440p. For short sequences, however, higher resolutions are not a problem.

In the “Upload Video” tab you can change the compression rate of your footage before hitting the upload button. 1 means losless compression, 0 means best compression. Be aware that this has an impact on the quality as well. We recommend to choose a compression rate in the range of 0.5 to 0.8.

Currently following video formats are supported: .mp4, .webm, .mov, .mpeg

What does this exactly mean for me?

You must use a browser that supports this format, such as: Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari(version 14 or newer). Only if the browser in which you upload your video supports webp, your visitors can enjoy the benefit of it. On this page you can see which browser currently support the web format: https://caniuse.com/webp

It is an efficient file format that is specially designed for the modern internet. Nowadays it is supported on most browser, but not by all of them. This plugin makes sure that webp is loaded for the users who can display it. For those that cannot a universal fallback format is loaded instead, to ensure that all visitors experience a consistent design.

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