Unprecedented possibilities

WP-VideoScroll Plugin Features

Turns every Video into a scrollable Website Element

We are all just spoiled on the World Wide Web. What used to be static, very text-heavy websites are now colorful information paintings flooded with images and videos. Now it’s time to take it a step further and turn the power of video into interactive elements. With WP-VideoScroll you can turn any MP4 or MOV video up to 60 seconds long into a scrollable website element. This is not only impressive for your visitors, but invites you to be creative and original.

Use it with your favourite WordPress Pagebuilder

As you probably know, WordPress is a versatile and very modular content management system. With a market share of over 40% worldwide, many companies have specialized in making it even easier to build websites, blogs and e-commerce stores with it. Especially in the area of page builders, you often have the agony of choice… Thereby the compatibility must be ensured. We are proud to say that WP-VideoScroll is compatible with all popular pagebuilders, allowing you the maximum flexibility!

Flexible Positioning via Shortcode

Once you have uploaded and processed a video with WP-VideoScroll, the tool provides you with a shortcode that you can freely position in your website with an HTML widget, depending on the page builder you use. You can also place several such spectacular videos on your page, even on one and the same subpage. However, we do not recommend more than 3 units, so that the good performance of the tool and your website can be guaranteed.

Doesn't effect Pagespeed

You think if you have a video that is split into a lot of frames that all have to be loaded on the website, will have a negative impact on your pagespeed? Then we can clear things up! Our plugin is designed to save all frames as .webp files, a format that uses up to 80% less memory and loading capacity compared to JPEG files. Additionally, the javascript is set to load all images in chronological order after the indexing time that your browser needs to load up the page into the cache. This lazy-load function allows you to ensure that your scrollable videos do not have a negative impact on the pagespeed and the associated Google ranking.

Use multiple different Videos

We haven’t built in a limit to how many videos you can turn into scrollable elements! The space-saving .webp format creates room for a variety of videos that you can place on your website. The only limit is the amount of free space you have on your server, but even this can be solved in a few steps, depending on which hosting provider you use.

Splits videos frame by frame into individual images

WP-VideoScroll automatically breaks your videos down into their individual images. Our script ensures that these individual images can then be scrolled through with a soft scrolling effect. Because of that you hardly have to worry about anything and can treat yourself with a hot coffee during the short processing time. 😌


Does not clutter your WordPress Media Library

Depending on the length and framerate of your videos, there is of course a large number of individual images that have to be stored on your server. But you don’t have to worry about them spamming up your WordPress media library. The files are stored individually for each video in the media library folder and you can be via a FTP-client such as “Filezilla”. With our practical “delete” function, these folders are then completely removed from the server if you no longer need them.

Supercharge the Experience!

Make Your Video scrollable. Make Your Website unbelievable.

WP-VideoScroll is a simple but very powerful tool to supercharge your website experience. It gives you the opportunity to take your web design to the next level, stand out from the competition and follow the footsteps of the big corporations.

Even more Features and Functionality included

An Overview of WP-VideoScroll

Saves you money

Individuality costs money. If you want to stand out on the Internet in your own spectacular way, you often have to spend a lot of money on custom code. WP-VideoScroll saves you this cost and achieves the same for you.

Clean code, made in Germany

WP-VideoScroll is developed exclusively in Germany. Leading design and online marketing agencies are also involved in the development in order to contribute practical experience.

Easy to use

For us, simple and intuitive operation is the most important thing! Everything is carefully set together, so that really everyone can use the plugin – even with little to no webdesign experience.

Saves the planet

Our website is powered by 100% renewable energy and plants one tree each year as part of the Eden Reforestation Project. In addition, one Euro per order goes to a good cause.

Integrated fade-in and fade-out function

For smooth transitions and best results, our plugin has a handy fade-in and fade-out transition setting. You can choose the colors freely.

User guide is included in the backend

The plugin explains the most important functions in the integrated manual. If you still get stuck, our support is available for you.

Earns you many envious glances

Your competitors will be jealous of your website. Many will wonder how you got this kind interactivity and looks on your site. One thing is for sure: People will talk about you!

Up to 25% more sales

A professionally designed website creates trust! You can also use our tool to explain complex issues. This boosts your sales and creates brand recognition.

Smooth scroll function

So that your scrollable videos neither jerks nor stutters. We have integrated a smooth scroll function – which is only active in your video-section.

Notes for video sources and more

If you don’t know where to get video footage for the best possible results – we’ve included some sources and also some handy tips in the backend.

Universal application possibilities

What you want to use WP-VideoScroll for is entirely up to you. We can tell you this much: It’s a versatile tool that lets you push the boundaries of what’s possible.

More word-of-mouth advertising

WP-VideoScroll delights customers: More value from your website adds up to more word-of-mouth. And as you surely know, personal recommendations are the best advertising.

Transferable licenses

If you change your domain, or have a license of WP-VideoScroll that you no longer need on one website, you can use the license key on another website.

Lets you choose the resolution freely

The resolution of your video defines the sharpness of the result. Here we do not limit you! You can upload any resolution, whether square, portrait or widescreen. But for best loading times we recommend a resolution between 720p and 1080p.

Integrated fallback function

For visitors with slow internet speed we have integrated a fallback function. The fallback is displayed before all frames are loaded. This is either the first frame of your video or a thumbnail of your choice.

Warning messages

We won’t leave you out in the cold if the wrong format is used, if the resolution is too high or too low, or if the processing is faulty. The plugin will let you know what went wrong.

Any Questions or Feedback?

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