For web-designers and agency operators:

Create stunning, state-of-the-art websites that delight your customers in minutes.

Maximize your Website's

User Experience

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Increase conversions

Increase Conversions

Maximize your & your customers conversion rates with high quality animations

More referrals

More referrals

With WP-Videoscroll you get up to 250% more referrals

More WOW effects

More WOW effects

Cinema-like special effects turn customers into fans of your brand

Tickle the last bit of wow out of your projects

Tired of designing the same websites over and over again for your clients? We’ll give you a new, powerful tool that will take your WordPress projects to the next level!

As a designer, don’t you always want to get the best results from your projects to impress your clients and your supervisors? We give you a powerful tool that maximizes the visitor experience while saving you time and brainpower.

If you use WordPress, you already have a good selection of various tools with which you can build spectacular websites. Whatever you prefer, your goal should always be the following:

Example for interior designer pages

Here we have prepared a small 3D example for you. This would be ideal for interior designers or furniture stores. Of course, you can also use WP-Videoscroll for countless other industries. The only limit here is your creativity. Have fun!

Move away from static, drab websites

Our promise: You can do this in less than 5 clicks!

Our tool allows you to turn any video of your choice into a spectacular scrollable animation.

The possibilities offered by this tool are close to infinite! It’s up to you to use your imagination and technical prowess to take advantage of this new, never-before-seen opportunity in the world of wordpress.

The genius of it is, that WP-VideoScroll does all the work for you! All you need is the plugin and the video of your choice. WP-VideoScroll creates an individual shortcode for you, which you can place flexibly on any page. This way you can create grandiose transitions, explanatory facts or just visually appealing website elements that will make your projects stand out from all the others.

Of course, we couldn’t have made this website as cool as it is without the power of WP-VideoScroll either!


Advantages of the Pro-Version for agencies and freelancers:

Use your own Videos.

You can use any video up to 60 seconds long to turn it into a scrollable animation for websites. You just need to upload your file and WP-VideoScroll will do the work for you. Afterwards you will be provided with a shortcode that you can place freely. In the front-end your video will be displayed as scrollable “frame-by-frame”-element.

Create immersive Effects.

With text, transitions, drone shots or 3D animations you can achieve incredible things! There are no limits to your creativity… Experiment with different formats, video lengths and influence the scrolling distance by editing the provided shortcode. Some settings of this kind are even provided by the plugin out of the box!

Easy to Use.

WP-VideoScroll is very easy to use! Just about anyone can operate it and create stunning effects within minutes. All you need is a video in MP4 format that can be up to 60 seconds long.
You’ll quickly see which types of video work best for your project. In general, however, it is possible to turn any video into a scrollable element.

Compatible with every WordPress Page-Builder.

You stay flexible! No matter which WordPress page-builder you want to use, WP-VideoScroll harmonizes with all of them.

This is the nature of the plugin’s function… After uploading and processing, you will be provided with a shortcode that you can paste into any HTML or shortcode field. Even, when you’re using Gutenberg.

Find out more features

Of course, we have implemented several more features to provide you with the best possible user experience and performance. We are also constantly developing WP-Videoscroll and adding exciting new features for you. We have made some of these features available to you under the following link.

But, to the point again:

What does WP-VideoScroll actually do?

WP-VideoScroll makes any video scrollable, opening up an unprecedented world of possibilities in webdesign with WordPress.

It’s a lightweight, easy-to-use plugin that allows you to open up the next generation of your creative possibilities without any programming knowledge or fiddling around. You’ll upgrade any website in just a few clicks and be able to offer effects like all the big players in the industry.

WOW Effect

Use the power of video to build websites, but make them interactive.

Give your customers’ website the best wow effect and tie visitors to your customers’ brand.



Delight your customers with lovingly and high-quality designed animation effects. Used correctly, WP-Videoscroll can increase the conversion rate of your website by up to 20%.

Our customers love the possibilities!

Our customers seam to love our plugin! And we love to hear, how your experiences with this outstanding tool were.

…so feel free to share them with us! ❤️

“This is exactly how I imagined it! I am absolutely thrilled! When I started to build my start up, I quickly realized that I needed a website. […] At this point the 50 € are optimally invested to represent yourself perfectly to the outside world!”

Manuel Teufel

German Fitness Influencer

See Your Websites become alive

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Let's talk about Pricing, shall we?

WP-VideoScroll Pricing & Licensing



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  • Try out our free Version of WP-VideoScroll on

    Test out the Features and Compatibility on your Website.



59 jährlich
  • Get one Year of WP-VideoScroll with all included Features for one Domain.

    Use your own Videomaterial and create your own stunning Webproject.



99 einmalig
  • Get a Lifetime full of WP-VideoScroll with all included Features for one Domain and Updates for ever!

    Use your own Videomaterial and create your own stunning Webproject.
Best price



299 jährlich
  • Own an Agency and want to include this amazing Feature in your Custromer’s Projects?

    Get the Agency License and use the Pro Version on unlimited Domains for one Year.

All displayed prices including 19% VAT.  The products are digital versions that are excluded from exchange and revocation. More information about the purchase can be found in our terms and conditions, information about the payment process here.

Even more Features and Functionality included

An Overview of WP-VideoScroll

Saves you money

Individuality costs money. If you want to stand out on the Internet in your own spectacular way, you often have to spend a lot of money on custom code. WP-VideoScroll saves you this cost and achieves the same for you.

Clean code, made in Germany

WP-VideoScroll is developed exclusively in Germany. Leading design and online marketing agencies are also involved in the development in order to contribute practical experience.

Easy to use

For us, simple and intuitive operation is the most important thing! Everything is carefully set together, so that really everyone can use the plugin – even with little to no webdesign experience.

Saves the planet

Our website is powered by 100% renewable energy and plants one tree each year as part of the Eden Reforestation Project. In addition, one Euro per order goes to a good cause.

Integrated fade-in and fade-out function

For smooth transitions and best results, our plugin has a handy fade-in and fade-out transition setting. You can choose the colors freely.

User guide is included in the backend

The plugin explains the most important functions in the integrated manual. If you still get stuck, our support is available for you.

Earns you many envious glances

Your competitors will be jealous of your website. Many will wonder how you got this kind interactivity and looks on your site. One thing is for sure: People will talk about you!

Up to 25% more sales

A professionally designed website creates trust! You can also use our tool to explain complex issues. This boosts your sales and creates brand recognition.

Smooth scroll function

So that your scrollable videos neither jerks nor stutters. We have integrated a smooth scroll function – which is only active in your video-section.

Notes for video sources and more

If you don’t know where to get video footage for the best possible results – we’ve included some sources and also some handy tips in the backend.

Universal application possibilities

What you want to use WP-VideoScroll for is entirely up to you. We can tell you this much: It’s a versatile tool that lets you push the boundaries of what’s possible.

More word-of-mouth advertising

WP-VideoScroll delights customers: More value from your website adds up to more word-of-mouth. And as you surely know, personal recommendations are the best advertising.

Transferable licenses

If you change your domain, or have a license of WP-VideoScroll that you no longer need on one website, you can use the license key on another website.

Lets you choose the resolution freely

The resolution of your video defines the sharpness of the result. Here we do not limit you! You can upload any resolution, whether square, portrait or widescreen. But for best loading times we recommend a resolution between 720p and 1080p.

Integrated fallback function

For visitors with slow internet speed we have integrated a fallback function. The fallback is displayed before all frames are loaded. This is either the first frame of your video or a thumbnail of your choice.

Warning messages

We won’t leave you out in the cold if the wrong format is used, if the resolution is too high or too low, or if the processing is faulty. The plugin will let you know what went wrong.