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WP-VideoScroll makes your Website feel alive

Are you looking for the next level for your WordPress website? Then we have the perfect tool for you! WP-VideoScroll takes the possibilities and visitor experience to a new level and allows you to turn any video into a flexibly placeable, scrollable element.

The tool converts any MP4 file into a stunning experience that creates interactivity, keeps your website visitors on the page longer, and opens up a world of possibilities you could only dream of with WordPress.

At the same time, the tool is very easy to use and harmonizes with almost every known page builder. This possibility simply did not exist before!

Use your own Videos.

You can use any video up to 60 seconds long to turn it into a scrollable animation for websites. You just need to upload your file and WP-VideoScroll will do the work for you. Afterwards you will be provided with a shortcode that you can place freely. In the front-end your video will be displayed as scrollable “frame-by-frame”-element.

Create immersive Effects.

With text, transitions, drone shots or 3D animations you can achieve incredible things! There are no limits to your creativity… Experiment with different formats, video lengths and influence the scrolling distance by editing the provided shortcode. Some settings of this kind are even provided by the plugin out of the box!

Easy to Use.

WP-VideoScroll is very easy to use! Just about anyone can operate it and create stunning effects within minutes. All you need is a video in MP4 format that can be up to 60 seconds long.
You’ll quickly see which types of video work best for your project. In general, however, it is possible to turn any video into a scrollable element.

Compatible with every WordPress Page-Builder.

You stay flexible! No matter which WordPress page-builder you want to use, WP-VideoScroll harmonizes with all of them.

This is the nature of the plugin’s function… After uploading and processing, you will be provided with a shortcode that you can paste into any HTML or shortcode field. Even, when you’re using Gutenberg.

Doesn't effect Pagespeed.

You don’t have to worry about the performance of your websites. All elements of your scrollable videos are loaded downstream and only as a .webp file, so they won’t negatively affect pagespeed tests and load times. Even if you place multiple video scrolls on one page.

But, to the point again:

What does WP-VideoScroll actually do?

WP-VideoScroll makes any video scrollable, opening up an unprecedented world of possibilities in webdesign with WordPress.

It’s a lightweight, easy-to-use plugin that allows you to open up the next generation of your creative possibilities without any programming knowledge or fiddling around. You’ll upgrade any website in just a few clicks and be able to offer effects like all the big players in the industry.

Do it like the big guys...

Ever wondered how Apple makes its website so spectacular?

So what is this all about...?

Make Your Video scrollable.

WP VideoScroll is your secret weapon for stunning website content and special visual effects. You can upload any kind of video and turn it into an interactive experience. We have taken all the technical requirements into account for you, so that your users get the maximum added value and can be playfully tied to your brand.  

The plugin intelligently analyzes the internet speed of your visitors and only switches on, if the bandwidth allows it.
After the upload, WP-VideoScroll splits your video into individual frames and plays them depending on the scrolling behavior of your users. The built-in smooth scroll ensures smooth movements and the image output in the modern .webp-format supports the optimized performance.

This way, even longer videos can be efficiently transformed into a unique “WP-VideoScroll-moment”.

Take a look at our examples and let your creativity run wild.
Best of all, we’ve made sure that you can achieve the best results with minimal time. Most people only know such high-quality content from big players like Apple. Our goal was to give you the technology you need to create just as high-quality content, cost-effectively and easily.

So what are you waiting for. Create your own magical content now. cool was that?

WP-VideoScroll allows you to make any video scollable.

Get more out of your website! WP-VideoScroll is a simple, lightweight plugin that allows you to turn your website into an outstanding experience in just a few clicks. Stand out from the crowd with interactive elements, or explain complex issues with the help of scrollable videos!

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